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”Jeff has the rare ability to both inspire and teach people how to be their best when it counts. Few in the world of sport psychology have earned and merited such universal respect.”
Dick Gould, Former Stanford University Coach, 6 time NCAA Champion
“Jeff has excellent interpersonal skills, confidence in teaching, and is making a substantial contribution in this field. He has my highest recommendation.”
Dr. James E. Loehr, President, LGE Systems
“Jeff gave me so much confidence that I was on the right track and to believe in myself. I knew it, but I had to hear it from someone like him to really believe it.”
Jeff Salzenstein, #100 on the ATP Tour
“Jeff’s mental edge system helps players learn difficult mental skills that make the difference between winning and losing.”
Wayne Ferreira, Semi-finalist Australian Open, 2003
“Jeff took my players’ biggest fear—looking bad when they make a mistake—and changed their focus from how they look to how they’re performing…and that instead of hiding from their feelings, they should use them to take a proactive stand instead of a reactive one.”
Peter Wright, Head Coach, UC Berkeley
“Jeff has consulted with our elite coaches for many years and his sessions are always interactive, fun and, most importantly, user-friendly. Coaches walk away from his sessions with “can-do” action items that immediately help them improve their skills and interactions with their 
Dr. Mark Kovacs, PhD, USTA Coaching Education & Sport Science
“That was one of the best keynote speaker performances we have had in 12 years. Thank you for adding another one of these opportunities to the academy and greater Chicagoland area. Few are in your field that are practical and applicable. Your handling of the issues is relevant and shows in your professionalism.”
Mark Bey, Director of Tennis, Care Academy
“Jeff’s peak performance work has been a tremendous asset for our riders who compete a the ‘A’ level. Jeff’s individualized approach improved their focus, confidence and relaxation in a fun and positive way.”
Jill Hamilton, Head Trainer, Millennium Farm
“Working with Jeff over the past year, I have learned to utilize my strengths and positively channel my emotions at work, in my personal life and on the tennis court. This program has dramatically impacted my life.”
Kevin Castner, Vice President – Merrill Lynch
“I have attended seminars, read books, and listened to a number of tapes that address focus, learning styles, inner trust, but none have helped me integrate these skills into my work and personal life like Jeff’s program. I feel more in control, prepared and confident. I am enjoying life more than ever.”
Don Hamilton, LCSW, Gambro Health Care
“Jeff’s success as an athlete and understanding of performance make him very effective. I believe this combination is crucial. Jeff’s approach is making the mental game more tangible for athletes, which is helping them make that important bridge from training to competition.”
Marty Davis, Head Coach, UC Santa Barbara
“Jeff’s experience as a player and performance consultant gives him strong credibility. Working with our program, Jeff has greatly enhanced the team’s identity and team vision-evidenced by immediate and dramatic improvement in our results.”
Sean Burns, Men’s Tennis Coach – Santa Clara University
“Jeff and I had an instant connection. Not only have I become more in-tune with myself and who I am as a player, but also as a person. Through Jeff’s guidance I am able to face my fears, step up to the occasion, and have truly gained the mental edge.”
Jensen Reiter, Nationally ranked player
“Jeff has great experience as a tennis player. Jeff said that everybody works hard, but only few can achieve more. After session with Jeff I went home and asked myself if it is possible to reach my dream…..it is! Result of our work was a higher level of motivation for me and for that I am very grateful.”
Filip Brtnicky, ATP Player
“Jeff is the master of his teachings. The difference with him is that when he says he understands the pressures that come with playing, he actually does! In the short span of time I had the privilege of sharing with Jeff, I gained so much knowledge, all of which I will most definitely carry with me throughout my playing career.”
Beatrice Kight, ITF Player
“Jeff Greenwald is one of a kind in our sport. Jeff is a living example of a teacher who does what he asks others to do. Not only he is transforming himself as a competitor on tennis court, he is able to translate this knowledge to his students. He has a way of reaching people and the power to change lives by asking people to change the way they see themselves. Jeff inspires people to reach for their dreams and teaches them how to do it.”
Tomas Ruzicka, Elite Tennis Coach
“Working with Jeff has helped me increase my confidence both on and off the court because I am no longer affected by negative thoughts. I am more in control of myself and my performance. I am able to focus on the task at hand and am more in the moment as a result of working with Jeff.”
Mira Ruder-Hook, Nationally Ranked Tennis Player
“Jeff taught me what to focus on and what is really important both on and off the court. I can control my emotions better and realize that I must take responsibility for everything that I do. He helped make major changes in my tennis and personal life and taught me the patience so I could discover the possibilities.”
Melinda Czink, WTA Player