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About Jeff H. Greenwald

Jeff Greenwald is an internationally recognized sports psychology consultant and licensed therapist. He is a speaker, author of The Best Tennis of Your Life and a former world-ranked pro on the ATP Tour who went on to reach the No. 1 ITF ranking in the world and U.S in the men’s 35-age division.

Jeff has been helping athletes, parents and coaches in sports psychology since 1998. He has been a faculty member and supervisor at John F. Kennedy University for graduate students in the sports psychology program as well as a guest speaker for numerous sports organizations. He has served as a mental skills consultant to the United States Tennis Association for the past decade. Jeff earned his B.A at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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Bio Facts:

  • Principal Mental Edge International Since 1998
  • Sports Psychology Consultant & Licensed Psychotherapist since 1998/ 2002
  • Two-Time ITF Senior World Champion/Winner of 7 National Titles
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with Specialization in Sport Psychology
  • Consultant for the USTA High Performance coaches program from 2005-2015
  • Speaker for numerous high schools, associations, universities and corporations
  • Former No. 1 world-ranked ITF men’s 35 tennis player
  • Author of Amazon’s best-selling Fearless Tennis audio, Play Out of Your Mind audio, and The Best Tennis of Your Life
  • Associate editor for TennisPlayer.net
  • Athlete of the Year UC Santa Barbara, 1988
  • World-ranked on the ATP Tour in singles and doubles