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Jeff H. Greenwald

is an internationally recognized sports psychology consultant and licensed therapist. He is a speaker, author of The Best Tennis of Your Life and a former world-ranked pro on the ATP Tour who went on to reach the No. 1 ITF ranking in the world and U.S in the men’s 35-age division.

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“Jeff has excellent interpersonal skills, confidence in teaching, and is making a substantial contribution in this field. He has my highest recommendation.”
Dr. James E. Loehr, President, LGE Systems
“Jeff gave me so much confidence that I was on the right track and to believe in myself. I knew it, but I had to hear it from someone like him to really believe it.”
Jeff Salzenstein , #100 on the ATP Tour
“Jeff’s mental edge system helps players learn difficult mental skills that make the difference between winning and losing.”
Wayne Ferreira, Semi-finalist Australian Open, 2003

Jeff Greenwald, internationally recognized sports psychology consultant, can help you play with freedom and win more.

Jeff will teach you and your team the cutting-edge mental toughness skills you need to win under pressure. As a former two-time world champion himself, he knows what works and will help you finally unlock your potential.

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Play Out of Your Mind

Play Out of Your Mind

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